Clients often have questions. Here are some of the more recent ones I’ve heard:

Where do you go with all my stuff?
I make sure that every item I leave with, from books to clothing to small furniture, gets the perfect second home. I work with 6 different charitable organizations and I determine which of these can make the best use of the item. The ultimate goal is for what you’ve gotten rid of to keep circulating and stay out of the junkyard.

Where do we start?
As your organizer, my job initially will be to meet you and your space for an assessment session, so I can see the space you want to re-organize and work with you through a set of questions. This is probably the most interesting and challenging part of working together and is important because it allows us to see what your triggers are and what causes you the most stress or guilt.

Will you force me to throw things out?
NEVER. My job is not to decide on what has to go, but rather to help you figure out what things make you happy and fit into the life you want to be leading. In any organization project you’re the boss. I am coming into your space as someone to help you with tough decisions about objects and where they belong, but the final word is always yours. My job is to help you reduce your stress not create more of it.

What do I need to prepare before you come?
Nothing. You need to know which space we’ll be looking at, but I need to see you and the space in their natural state. I need to see what is failing in the way things are currently functioning if I am to suggest alternatives and make the space look and feel right, not just beautiful. Cleaning up the room or saying half-truths about it will only delay your having the wonderful haven you seek.

Where did you get your training?
I have a bachelor’s degree in education, a masters’ degree in applied linguistics and psychology and a certificate in project management and nearly 20 years of doing the work. I have given myself the tools you need for full support. I know how to explain what we are doing, support you and understand what you are feeling as we work in your personal space, and guide the process so we make the best use of your time and effort. Every hour we work will bringing you closer to your goal for a cosy, comfortable, welcoming haven.