About me

About me

I love what I do

Let’s do this together and enjoy every minute!

As an organizer for nearly two decades and now a facilitator for Professional Organizers in Canada (POC), I find organizing spaces, schedules, projects both motivating and fun. Getting things to work smoothly offers a great sense of accomplishment! Although not all steps forward are easy, all of them combined lead to a fabulously liberating feeling that calms the spirit and the mind. Let’s give your space its own version of Zen calm or yoga-like peace and quiet!

My life has lead me directly to being the professional organizer I am today!

I have a bachelor’s degree in education, a masters’ degree in applied linguistics and psychology and a certificate in project management and nearly 20 years of doing the work. I have travelled the world and learned 6 languages along the way- communication matters to me. I have crafted the tools you need for full support. I know how to explain what we are doing, support you and understand what you are feeling as we work in your personal space, and schedule and guide the process so we make the best use of your time and effort. Every hour we work together will bring you closer to your goal for a cosy, comfortable, welcoming haven.

What we do together matters to me!

When I am asked why I love my work, my answer is that I simply do.

  • I love working with people who are looking to make things better for themselves.
  • I love seeing the transformation and smiles that come when we’re done.
  • I find pleasure in organizing because I have seen how it helps people reduce their day to day stress, create healthier and more peaceful environments for themselves and their families, and most importantly, helps them feel better in their own space.
  • I love knowing that with every job, every room, every series of changes, I get to witness my client’s great sense of accomplishment.

The joy I feel when I work with someone new is as strong as ever – let that someone be you!