Getting organized is a valuable investment.

Money matters to you. You want to make sure that you are get ting value for your investment – well, so do I.

I believe in the importance of making every session matter and keeping a simple payment structure that allows you to plan out how much you’ll spend to get the results you need.

The first step for us is your Assessment Session.

This first meeting gives you the chance to introduce me to your home and give me  a sense of who you are while giving you the chance to get a sense of  how we connect. This time together also allows me to get a very clear idea of the space or schedule you want us to organize and helps me to determine what we can do together to reach your personal goal.

This session costs 150.00 and can last anywhere from 1.5-3 hours.

Once we’ve done the tour and you’ve told me how you feel and what you need, I create a plan of action that I email you within 48 hours. The email should give you very clear indications of what needs to be done. You can take the advice and do it yourself, ask me to do every last item of the list or anything in between!

Subsequent work sessions are billed by the hour.

Contracts are not required; only a commitment to a work session duration of at least 3 hours.