Let’s de-clutter toget her and make your space feel like you!

De-cluttering and organizing your living space can be freeing and fun!

De-cluttering involves me going into your home or workplace and physically helping out with sorting things and eliminating excess in any space, while helping you with the development of organizational strategies to use once I’ve left. I make sure to stay with you as we work through the different areas of your house and coach you through the tough decisions you need to make about what items get to continue to be part of your space and life vs those that don’t.

Once we’ve cleared out all that excess, I make sure to help you set up a system and a set of routines that will work for you, so you can keep your space looking and feeling organized and looking like the haven you’ve just created.

There are all sorts of ways of organizing space, and my job is to find the one that best suits you. With nearly two decades of doing this with hundreds of clients, I am sure to create a solution that will be just right for you and your space.