Training is a big part of what Havenmaven can do for you. Designed for small, medium or large groups, I have designed and offer a range of training sessions to help participants feel more organized and develop the practical skills needed to reduce and eliminate clutter in their own space.

In the home or in the office: routines and clutter-free zones help keep people motivated and working well. More recently I have created workshops for people who need to transition from one home to the next:

  • house to condo
  • apartment to house
  • condo to assisted living

Every transition can be helped with a few well thought-out organization tips!

I custom design all my workshops and aim to help attendees determine what types of clutter are causing them stress and what to do to make things better. During the workshops, I offer a range of ideas, strategies, and tricks to minimize this stress and create a workspace or home which is more serene and calm. The duration, format, cost and focus of these workshops will vary from group to group.

Contact me about the group you belong to and let me create the training workshop that is the best fit for you!