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As a Silver leaf member of the Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) I can offer you the support you need to get any organizational job done! Getting things to work in your space is a freeing and exciting thing to be doing at any point in one’s life and I would love to be the one to help you do it!

What my clients Say

Working with Edith was a lively and fun time. The whole experience was non-stress and I was astounded by the speed in which things got whirled into place. She felt like a good friend after only 4 hours and my stuff was contained and organized. Felt great!


I don’t even know where to start to thank you. Again. For everything you have done for me. You were the light at the end of a tunnel. It’s all up from here. Grazie.


With Edith I felt completely energized! She entered our home a stranger, but got to know me, my family yet never made me feel ashamed or judged She helped tackle the one big job into smaller jobs and over just a few days together, my family and I saw such a huge difference! Our space was becoming our home!


Edith, all the things you taught me that I thought I could not learn - I did learn. The packing of our house went smoothly, I found a home for everything I did not need, and my very sentimental child was able to clear her room of old things. Thank you so much for all you have taught me, it has really made a difference.


RoseNorth Hatley

I was tired but at that same time elated. I still can't believe this room - everytime I walk in I am in awe. So thank you. I truly do enjoy being with you and getting this done.


You took the "overwhelming" out of the job or organizing an entire home and getting rid of years of junk build up. The house now feels clearer and more organized. There is nothing remaining that doesn't belong and everything has a "home". It's not hard to maintain the system because it is simple and full of common sense.


In working with you I felt understood, respected and supported. It was a very difficult and emotional task for me to let go of things and yet you managed to help me do it. I felt no pressure or only relief, balance and joy. You have taught me valuable tricks and a way of thinking that I carry with me and still utilize. Every time something needs organizing I can’t help but think of you and miss you tremendously!!!


An angel that swoops in and takes charge. You are a priceless commodity. You’re a gem. I thank you from my heart and I feel blessed that we crossed paths. You brought your JEST/ENERGY/AND JOY, into my home and transformed it into what I'd imagined it to be for a long time. You have done an AMAZING JOB! I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed, laughed about, and yes cried for this long awaited treat to myself of organizing my things. It is life altering to say the least.


Many many loads left the house between 2012 and 2021 and years later, I have not missed one thing. The work you and I did together lasted and was a tremendous help when we later sold our home of 32 years and moved to a smaller condo. You tackle each job with with energy, clarity, great organization and a glorious sense of humour.

Diana BennettMontreal

What I most enjoyed about you was that with your coaching, gentle steering, sense of greater purpose, and experience I was able to let material things go consciously and gladly. You are brilliant, in just about every way! You are not only a joy to work with but also a take-charge person with creative ideas and lots of wisdom.


Just want to drop you a note to tell you that you have changed my life. Since last Tuesday, it's as if the arrow that is my soul has been freed to fly where it's destined to go. I am having more fun, getting more done, feeling more energized, seeing more clearly and am just more ready to roll with the adventure of life unfolding.


You have a way of finding the "best fit" solution that made me feel comfortable – I knew you were not looking for the quick "cookie-cutter fix". I was repeatedly astounded with what was accomplished within a few hours, and then how you followed through consistently on each visit to ensure that I achieved my goals. I felt that I could relax knowing that you were in charge and that you could do things with such a great sense of humour.


In working with you I felt confident that the jobs I had been putting off for years would finally get done in an organized, efficient and entirely satisfactory way. Although you are a whiz at clearing and organizing, I am grateful that you were also always respectful that it was first and foremost my home and that ultimately the plan and work had to suit me.

Mrs BennettMontreal

You transformed me. I have noticed a big difference in how I feel about many aspects of my life and the weight that has been on my shoulders is lifting. Your warmth & compassion, your big smile and that heap of enthusiasm have been great.


What I really liked about working with you was your fun uplifting spirit! I felt that having you here really helped me get through the day because your energy and your way of helping me see how quickly things could get done was addictive. I just wanted to keep going! The fact that you would leave with things to drop off elsewhere was priceless. I have decluttered before, but things would just stick around.

Ville St-Laurent

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