Services in detail

Once we’ve cleared out all that excess, I make sure to help you set up a system and a set of routines that will work for you, so you can keep your space looking and feeling organized and looking like the haven you’ve just created.

Decluttering -Let’s de-clutter together and make your space feel like you!

De-cluttering and organizing your living space can be freeing and fun! 
De-cluttering involves me going into your home or workplace and physically helping out with sorting things and eliminating excess in any space, while helping you with the development of organizational strategies to use once I’ve left. I make sure to stay with you as we work through the different areas of your house and coach you through the tough decisions you need to make about what items get to continue to be part of your space and life vs those that don’t.
There are all sorts of ways of organizing space, and my job is to find the one that best suits you. With nearly two decades of doing this with hundreds of clients, I am sure to create a solution that will be just right for you and your space.

Moving, downsizing, transitioning...

Moving, downsizing, transitioning to a new living environment? Let’s work together to make things smooth and simple! Transitions of this type can be very time-consuming and stressful. They require you to organize, plan and de-clutter in a very short time frame, while staying focussed and energized for what comes next.
My priority is to ensure that this transition is calm positive easier for everyone involved the family. 
Any type of transition needs to be treated with great care and requires a steady and calm hand that knows how to prepare and organize a smooth series of changes while keeping you feeling great about the changes that are coming your way.
Work with a transition specialist! Over the last 21 years, I have had to move my own family 17 times, across oceans, into countries where I didn’t even know the language! I have had to move my now teenaged children, through 8 different homes and 6 different schools. I have helped countless families get organized through their transitions from one country to the other, from large homes to small homes, from apartments to houses and from living as a family in a house to living as a widow in a home care setting. For all of these transitions, changes, and challenges a great deal can be done to ensure that everyone feels good about what’s happening.
My expertise can make a real difference in how you feel through your move how your family feels, and how smoothly things go from beginning to end. Transition with intent and care. Together, we identify the steps we can do together, and I custom design a plan for you and your family to ensure we get you and all the things you love properly moved from point A to point B. I also make sure you feel good and comfortable through it all. I pride myself on being able to determine what your needs are and to figure out how I can best be of service. My years of experience have taught me that your feelings being heard and understood are essential to our success as a team .
I custom design all my workshops and aim to help attendees determine what types of clutter are causing them stress and what to do to make things better. During the workshops, I offer a range of ideas, strategies, and tricks to minimize this stress and create a workspace or home which is more serene and calm. The duration, format, cost and focus of these workshops will vary from group to group.

Training is a big part of what Havenmaven can do for you.

Designed for small, medium or large groups, I have designed and offer a range of training sessions to help participants feel more organized and develop the practical skills needed to reduce and eliminate clutter in their own space. In the home or in the office: routines and clutter-free zones help keep people motivated and working well. More recently I have created workshops for people who need to transition from one home to the next:
  • house to condo 
  • apartment to house 
  • condo to assisted living 
  • Every transition can be helped with a few well thought-out organization tips!
Contact me about the group you belong to and let me create the training workshop that is the best fit for you!

Cost - Getting organized is a valuable investment.

Money matters to you. You want to make sure that you are getting value for your investment – well, so do I.

I believe in the importance of making every session matter and keeping a simple payment structure that allows you to plan out how much you’ll spend to get the results you need. The first step for us is your Assessment Session.
This first meeting gives you the chance to introduce me to your home and give me a sense of who you are while giving you the chance to get a sense of how we connect. This time together also allows me to get a very clear idea of the space or schedule you want us to organize and helps me to determine what we can do together to reach your personal goal.
Contracts are not required; only a commitment to a work session duration of at least 3 hours.
This session costs 150.00 and can last anywhere from 1.5-3 hours. Once we’ve done the tour and you’ve told me how you feel and what you need, I create a plan of action that I email you within 48 hours. The email should give you very clear indications of what needs to be done. You can take the advice and do it yourself, ask me to do every last item of the list or anything in between! Subsequent work sessions are billed by the hour.